Friday, March 1, 2019

March 1

March 1....March is coming in like a lion, rain and temps dropping

March many family birthdays this month, including my 67th trip around the sun

March 1...spring shows her face on the 20th

March 1...time springs forward on the 10th

March 1...everything is blooming, it's allergy season already

March 1...spring clothes are making their way back to my closet

March 1...sandal season is just around the corner

March 1...St Patrick's day, always celebrated at our house

March 1...I love fresh green peas, grilled salmon and tiny red potatoes, my favorite spring meal

March 1...the days are getting longer

March 1...maybe we can make March the kindness month

1 comment:

  1. WELCOME MARCH. I'm so ready for spring and seeing the snow melt and new signs of spring.
    I love to celebrate St Patrick Day but we usually always get a snow storm to mark the occasion. Our community puts out an Irish Stew dinner at the church hall.

    18 days to Spring. I hope March is good for you. You are aging gracefully.
    Hugs, Julia