Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tough Day

It has not been the day we planned.  Our sister-in-law, Deb was in a car accident this morning.  After being thoroughly checked out at the ER she is ok, but it looks as though her car was totaled.  We are so grateful she is ok.  Deb is my brother Ricky's wife, the mom of Samantha, the Nana of Jordan.

Tonight was Deb and Ricky's oldest son James' 40th birthday party.  I remember so well when he was born.  He looked like an owl with these enormous round grey eyes.  He is now the publisher of our local daily paper.  His mom and Sam did not make the party and I know he missed them but they spent most of the afternoon in the ER.  It was a Jimmy Buffet theme party, you know pirates and such.  Even though my mouth is full of stitches we played Margaritaville  for him.

I am ready for my cup of hot tea and bed.  Wishing everyone a little peace, a little joy and a little love.  For our friends on the East Coast, stay safe, warm and dry.


  1. Thank goodness you sister-in-law is not seriously hurt. The car can be replaced.

  2. So happy your sister-in-law is good. Kids sure do grow up fast and when my own kiddos made that 40yr mark I had to stop and wonder where all that time went. Actually it went right into our memories and I'm glad your sister-in-law will enjoy many more years of memories. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm glad your sister in law is OK. Cars can be replace but you can't replace people so easily. My brother in law was in a car accident on Wednesday on slippery street. He was going to the bank and emergency vehicles were responding to some emergency and they there was an accident and they reared my brother in law and the next emergency vehicle ripped both doors on his car and his hood also got damaged but he was OK. The roads were slippery.
    Hugs, Julia