Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1

March 1...March came in with storms and pouring rain ( like a lion)

March 1...the month spring begins

March 1...Daylight Savings Time ( not a fan)

March birthday, as well as my sister's, a couple of nieces and nephews and a couple of friends

March 1... white jeans and sandals

March 1...pollen so thick it creates clouds of yellow haze all around

March 1...everything blooms

March 1...full moon tonight and March 31 as well, can we say Blue Moon?

March 1...Days so beautiful they take your breath, storms so angry you never forget them and yes, even snow

March 1...fresh green peas, new potatoes and salmon, the perfect spring meal

March 1...St Patrick's Day, always a traditional Irish meal

March 1...daffodils and tiny wild violets

March beginnings after a cold winter's rest

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