Wednesday, March 7, 2018


A couple of weeks ago I had posted a picture of my snowman flag hanging on our arbor with yellow jasmine blooming, it was 80 degrees that day.  I took the snowman flag down and replaced it with my spring flag, full of flowers and butterflies, tonight we are under a freeze warning for the next 48 hours.   Wow.

It has been a good hump day.  I visited with my older brother today.  He had a stroke the week after Christmas and his recovery has been slow but steady.  When I walked in his house today he greeted me in the living room instead of the bedroom, sitting in his wheelchair.  He has come such a long way.  Yes, I shed tears of joy and gratitude.  Life is good.  I love surprises.


  1. So glad your brother is getting better. Having the support and love of family is the best medicine. We have a snow thing going on and yesterday it was 52 and sunny...crazy Spring almost weather!

  2. I'm glad your brother is doing better. Mine is still in hospital waiting on the list to be transported to a hospital in another city awaiting for a place to be admitted to have a stint put in his heart after a heart attack.

    Hugs, Julia