Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Jordan's mom, Samantha will be 28 on April 2.  When she was 8 or 9 years old, the company that owns the property that joins ours behind the barn, decided to clear cut. 

Sam and I panicked.  She and I walked those trails almost daily.  We were looking for David the Gnome.  Walking those trails I taught her about the wild plants that grew there.  Each spring she was delighted when the flowers began to bloom.

When the land manager told us when the cut would began, we decided a rescue operation was necessary.  We took shovels and boxes and dug up some of her favorite plants.  Our yard was very similar to that forest.  We found a place under trees out front that was shady in the evening, yet received morning sun.  The dirt was rich  and the plants thrived.  This morning as we walked the dogs I laughed, there was one of our rescues blooming twenty years later.

That first wild iris  blossomed  today in our little rescue garden.  I love that it chose to thrive and remind us we made a difference.  More of the plants are getting ready to bloom, that just means more pictures to come.

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  1. Such a pretty iris. It was lucky to have found a place in your yard.
    Hugs, Julia