Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grateful Sunday

Today my sister Pat's grand-daughter Cassie cooked birthday dinner.  My sister Pat celebrated her 75th birthday on the 15th this week.  After lunch we stopped by my brother Glen's house to check on him.  He had a stroke the week after Christmas and it has been a slow recovery.  As we walked in their house today, his wife Shelia told me to sit down that Glen had something to show me.  He was sitting in his chair and their son Stacy brought a walker in, placed it in front of Glen and stepped back.

Glen stood up and walked around their living room.  Those were the first steps I had seen him take since the stroke.  We all clapped.  It has been a good day.

The years going by have taught me to take nothing and no one for granted.  I know that my siblings and I are aging and I am grateful for each day that we have each other.

The weather guys are predicting the possibility of tornadoes here tomorrow.  The downside of spring here in Alabama are tornadoes. Hoping that Mother Nature is kind and even tempered and no one will feel her wrath tomorrow.

It has been raining tonight.  Here's hope that the rain will help to stabilize the atmosphere.
Be kind tomorrow, spread joy and hope.  A picture of my sister Pat, a very young 75.


  1. You had two happy events. It's wonderful to hear.

  2. Happy Birthday to Pat. She does look young. That cake looks delicious. So glad that your brother is walking again. You're right, we can't take anything and any one for granted.Hope you are spared the tornados.
    Hugs, Julia