Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jingle Jangle

Maybe it was the corned beef and cabbage, but I feel better tonight.  It's been another busy day.  We had a memorial service/visitation to go to this morning and then I came home and cooked.  But for my birthday Rick bought me a pressure cooker!  I love it.  I cooked lima(butter beans) in it this evening and they were delicious.  In 30 minutes a pound of dried beans were cooked to perfection.

I had resisted this whole new pressure cooker deal.  In the early 70's when we first married my mom had bought me a Presto pressure cooker.  She had taught me how to use one when I was a teenager at home and knew that a new working bride could use a labor saving device.

The first few months I used it almost daily, but I had never cooked dried beans in it.  One winter's evening I came home from work in the cold and dark and decided that I would surprise Rick ( who working second shift)  with his favorite dish of beans and corn bread.   I put the beans in the cooker, turned the stove on and went to change out of my work clothes into my sweats.

I heard the jingle jangle of the steam rising up through the little metal safety value and then I heard, well I wasn't sure what I heard.  I ran to the kitchen and the safety valve had blown on the cooker and dried beans were spewing all over the kitchen ceiling.  The valve itself had knocked a hole in the ceiling and beans were now dripping down on the kitchen floor.  After cleaning up the mess, I vowed to never own another pressure cooker in my life time.  My how times have changed.

This new one does not jangle or jingle, you set the timer, it beeps when all is done.  But if anything blows,  I promise there won't be another one ever.  Will keep you posted.

This St. Patrick's Day has been a good one.  I hope the "luck of the Irish" comes to each of you tonight.  And tomorrow, may you all know love and kindness.


  1. I make beans at least once a month. The amount I make is always good for a second meal. Last month was beans and cornbread. This month will be refried beans and chili.

  2. That is a funny story but I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time. I used a Presto pressure cooker for years until the seal deteriorated and I got rid of it. I mostly used it to cooke meat and it was great to have very tender meat cooked in no time but I never cooked beans it it, thank goodness.
    Hugs, Julia