Monday, March 5, 2018

Heirloom Plants

I love heirloom plants.  I have a plant that my mom's mother gave to her  around 1964, it lives with me now.  I have peony plants in our flower bed that belonged to my grandmother Mamie in the 70's.
I have 14 foot grapefruit and lemon trees that my mother grew from seeds 20 years ago.  My oldest sister Nell gave me collard plants last fall, grown from heirloom seeds.  My plants are beginning to bloom now and soon I will have seeds to plant late summer and their journey from generation to generation will continue.

My first day back at work after being off a week for oral surgery.  It felt good to teach again. It also felt good to take some time off to recover.  I love my boss because she believes in taking time off.  She knows we are better employees when we don't work 24/7.

I hope you enjoy this first week of March, we have a cold front moving in.  Nothing major, temps will be where they should be instead of in the 80's.

Spread some kindness and love tomorrow.  Smile at someone maybe even give a hug or two.

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  1. I have several heirloom houseplants and feel a connection to the people who gave them to me years ago. They have passed on now but I carry the tradition of passing then on to my family also.

    I'm glad that you are back to your normal activities.
    Hugs, Julia