Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hump Day Drain

Do you ever have those days when it feels as though someone took a straw and just sucked the energy from you.  That's sorta how I feel tonight.  Our air is full of sticky yellow pollen and my lungs are in overtime trying to separate the oxygen from the pollen.  We had very little rain from the nearby storms on Monday so no relief.  Maybe with the next rain event it will be enough to wash the air.

We have a gig Saturday and practice tonight was not our best, but we will kick it Saturday.

I used the new pressure cooker to make beef stew today.  Once again I am wowed. The veggies were perfect and the beef was fork tender.  I admit I was skeptical because when it comes to beef stew I am a slow simmer kind of gal, but this was every bit as good as hours on the stove.

I am already in my pjs and a cup of hot peppermint tea awaits me tonight.  ( good for the voice)
Share some kindness tomorrow.

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  1. What brand of pressure cooker do you have. I saw one today at Bath and Beyond and I was tempted to buy it. It was not very big but big enough for us I imagine. I'm always so pressed for time when it comes to cooking dinner.

    I've been feeling drained of energy too lately.My shoulder pain seems to suck my energy. After three hours at the barn this morning I came in for breakfast and I could hardly stay awake at the table. After breakfast, I lid down for a nap and slept till 11:20 am.

    I hope that you wake up all refreshed.
    Hugs, Julia