Thursday, March 22, 2018


We have had many dogs through the years, the majority of them rescues.  They have been in bad health, some downright ugly, some beautiful, comical, smart, dumb and all of them we have loved until they passed over the rainbow.  Only three have I ever used the word magnificent to describe them.  One was our first dog, Duke, a Belgian Shepherd who was not only magnificent but smart and funny.  The second was a Lab/Chow mix named Blackie Bear who was one of the most loving dogs as well.  The third is our Collie, Calliou who lives with us now.  And honestly Calliou probably wins the trophy for the most magnificent.

He is regal and sensitive.  He loves children.  And he should be a movie star, he is that pretty.
When he walks it is apparent that he knows he is royalty and that he tolerates the plain humans he lives with.  I swear sometimes I think he is a cat in a dog's body.

As we sat and drank our coffee this morning he lay on his bed gazing out the front windows, patiently waiting for his morning treat of a tiny ginger snap.  He is polite, only when he hears the can that holds the ginger snaps being opened does he stand and look at you.  He waits for you to break the cookie into small bites and he relishes each one.  Did I say he is a wee bit spoiled?
Mornings for Hook ( the pitt) is all about how many critters he can bark up a tree or if it is cold, how close he can sit to the fireplace.  Taz is all about sitting next to me as I read the paper and drink coffee.  Interesting how their personalities have developed and how they interact with us and each other.  But Calliou, he is the magnificent one, full of dignity and grace, always polite and always beautiful.


  1. He is definitely a beautiful dog. I am always amazed at how different each one's personality is. And we live them all.

  2. Caillou is a beautiful dog and you really got the jackpot when you got him. I think that every animals have their very own personality like people. I wonder if their personalities are affected by their birth date like us humans. Why not!

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Just like children the differences in personalities endear them all the more.