Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Birthdays

Rick's sister Mary Lois did a cook-out this evening for those in her family/friend circle who have birthdays in March.  That included myself, her daughter and a friend's son.  She planned this before the weather forecasters said we would have a monsoon.  She grilled in the pouring rain and baked two chocolate cakes!  Everything was really good. 

March is full of birthdays, my great nephew Jared's was today.  His mom's was on the 6th, a friend's was also on the 6th.  My nephew James celebrated his on the 8th, my sister Pat's is on the 15 and mine will be on the 23 and I could go on.  Lots of March babies.

It is still raining and now the fog has moved in.  Glad to be home, safe and dry.
Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow.  May you feel peace, celebrate joy and know kindness.


  1. That's a great idea to celebrate all together. Our church does the same thing. At the first Saturday and Sunday of each month the ask who is celebrating a birthday during the month and they have cake, tea and coffee for everyone who care to stay after mass.

    Happy birthday to everyone. Hugs, julia

  2. Happy Birthday Celebration to you all.