Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

Super moon.  So glad the clouds were gossamer and your glow so bright you could not be missed.
Every dog for miles around tonight is barking.  Our dogs are not happy because we closed the doggie door and they have to stay in. No, they cannot participate in the full moon howl fest.

The moon is worthy of all the hype it has been given on Face Book this week.  The moon rise was something to behold, black bare tree branches like skinny humans outlined in the silver, at times yellowish light.  The clouds covered the face of the moon like silken gauze as it rose above the tree line.  Super moon, a good description.

Another busy weekend, good but busy.  We had our siblings lunch at my sister's house today. Our oldest sister Nell came, the twins Lynn and Glen and their spouses, Shelia and Gwyn, my brother Ricky, Rick and I all gathered at Pat's house for lunch.  Pat's daughter Jayna helped with the cooking and our great-nephew  ( Pat's grandson) Jonathan's wife Kelsey came.  Kelsey had never met our siblings, I think really enjoyed herself.  I mean what could be better than a group of seniors sitting around laughing and talking?

The years are going by so fast and this Christmas lunch is the only time that we all get together since our mom died.  We all had so much fun today.

A new week begins tomorrow.  Please remember to treat each other with kindness.


  1. Ooooh. I hope Neil deGrasse Tyson didn't read that. He is angry about us using the term 'super-moon'. Aside from him though it sure is pretty.

  2. I saw the big moon touching the horizon early yesterday morning.

    I also had a family gathering at my house last evening and it was super busy. We were 15 including little Willow.

    Hugs, Julia