Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

December 31, 2017

A friend shared a video with me today that makes me sob every time I have watched it.  Rod Stewart singing Auld Lang Syne with violins and bag pipes.  Go to his FB page and watch it.  I have read those words so many times and thought about our friends we have still with us and those who passed.
It is the most powerful song of remembrance that I have ever heard.

We spent the afternoon with Rick's family, the last of the Christmas gatherings for 2017.  It was just a fun time with family.

This evening has been a good one so far.  Since I am working tomorrow, we did our traditional greens, peas and ham meal tonight.  A gratitude ceremony will be done before bed as well.

I heard from an old friend in Oregon this evening that I had not spoken to in many many years.  Another friend called from out West as well.  We have been talking about taking a trip west this spring.  I think the two calls out of the blue might have been the encouragement we needed.

My friend Lisa who lives in Eugene, Oregon is such a spiritual loving person.  Hearing her voice, listening to her express hope for the coming year lifted my spirits.

This year has reminded me to live the life I teach.  Honestly, it can be a very difficult life to live sometimes.  So often I feel as though I am a stranger in a strange land, trying to shine a tiny match flame in a sea of darkness.  Surrounded by anger and fear, it can be a struggle not to surrender to all that seems to surround me.

Talking with friends in other places reminds me I am not alone.

On this last day of 2017 my hope is that we all shine our light of love and kindness.  If we do, we can push away the darkness, do away with fear and take back hope, joy and peace.  As my friend Lisa reminded me tonight, " remember to be Human, to be Kind....Human Kind.

Happy 2018


  1. Happy New Year Jilda! Health and happiness to you and Rick! Take care of yourself!

  2. I hope this is a healthy year for you. Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year Jilda. How nice to hear from old friends just out of the blue like that.
    Remember the gloom and doom when the new calendar turned 2000... and we are now 2018.

    Wishing you health, love, peace, hope and joy in 2018.
    Hugs, Julia