Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 27

A cold winter's day with a wee bit of frozen stuff falling from the sky early this morning.  This afternoon the sun came.  It looked all warm and cozy, but the air had a nippy bite. 

These last few days of 2017 are going so fast.  Soon we will start a brand new year.  I had wanted to do my vision board this week, but  things are hectic with guests coming tomorrow and then again on Saturday.  I need a few days by the fire and a good book to read but that is not reality.  I am bone tired tonight, as soon as I drink my tea I am going to bed.

Almost everyone we know has the flu or some sort of nasty respiratory stuff.  Keeping toes and fingers crossed that no germs enter my body.  I have caught the flu for the past few winters.  I think I have had more than my share of flu bugs.  Time for them to stay away.

I think most of us are dealing with frigid air.  My cousin in Chicago reported a temp of 4 degrees yesterday.  There are still predictions of snow for us this weekend with lows in the teens.  My winter sweaters no longer feel ignored.  They are being worn daily.

Spread a little joy tomorrow and always spread some kindness.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. It's -19℃ or -2.2℉ here today and the wind is blowing from the North still. My water taps and the calf water bowls were frozen in my end of the barn this morning. Not a pleasant winter day.

    Yea for winter sweaters and wool socks, they are my best friends at this time of year.

    I hope that you don't get yourself so tired that you'll get sick again.

    Hugs, Julia