Thursday, December 14, 2017


Just a reminder that a week ago we had snow.  I am hoping for more soon. 

Classes today on the 3rd Niyama, Tapas...commitment...literally the belly.
We did lots of core work, but talked about commitment.  To have a relationship, a career, to live a sober life there has to be commitment.

The crud is still keeping me in its clutches.  Peppermint tea tonight and hopes that I feel better tomorrow.

Make a commitment to kindness tomorrow, see where it takes you.


  1. My cold is hanging on and it's almost 2 weeks. The worst is my sinus es are full and I'm tired of blowing. I'm hoping it will all soon leave me before Christmas.
    Nice berry photo. It's sunny and cold here.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia

  2. Love your photo of snow & berries, a very different Christmas picture to mine here in Aus.