Saturday, December 23, 2017

Baking Frenzy

It has been a baking frenzy at our today.  I have made biscotti, Irish Fruitcake, and the dough for all the kids to come over tomorrow and make cookies for Santa.  I think my hands and my old wooden spoon are just about gone.

We are about to have a cup of nog and watch Scrooge.  Tomorrow we will have breakfast with my brother Ricky and all his family.  I love it, we wear our pjs, eat until we are miserable, open gifts and then all the kids come to my house to make their cookies.

We have a flu epidemic here, so many that we know are postponing get togethers because of illness.  And sadly, we have friends who are suffering the loss of their loved ones this week.  It has been a strange Christmas season, a little more sad this year.

Where ever you are I hope that you are healthy and that joy fills your home and kindness fills your heart this holiday.

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  1. You're smarter than me. I have no baking done and I'm off sugar anyway, I have blood tests on Dec 27. I'm sure the kids will enjoy baking cookies.
    Loosing someone so close to Christmas is really sad. My heart goes out to people in the Philippine for the victims of the flood and of the Mall fire...

    We had freezing rain and there's ice everywhere. The plow had gone by with sand & salt so hopefully the roads will be safe again.
    Joy & Peace
    Hugs, Julia