Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Scenes

Another foggy rainy day.  Jordan spent most of the day with me before I left for work.  Driving home tonight, Christmas lights brightened the dreary drive home.  I never like to drive in fog and for the past two nights we have had fog.

The cards are done, the decorating is done, a little shopping, a lot of wrapping and a great deal of cooking and the Watson house will be Christmas ready. I am off tomorrow and then go back to work on Thursday.  We have an outbreak of the flu and a stomach bug at our facility.  I am washing my hands like crazy.  No one wants to be sick at Christmas.

My decorating is nothing fancy.  I do little scenes here and there around the house.  Most of my decorations are old but dear to my heart.  Tomorrow is hump day, five days to Christmas.
Be healthy, be kind.


  1. Your house looks very festive with sweet old decorations. Those are the best. They become more special with every passing year.
    Stay healthy for Christmas. My cough and sinus clearing is still hanging on.

    Hugs, Julia