Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1

December is Rick's mom's birthday, she would have been 94

December 1...on the 6th of this month my mom would have been 100

December 1...more birthdays this month, Rick's sister, my niece, my nephew, and a great-niece and a great great niece and a niece by marriage.  How much cake can we eat????

December 1...painting Christmas cards

December 1...the tree sits patiently in its pot waiting to be brought into the house mid-month

December 1...cold weather and maybe snow is coming our way  :)

December 1...I miss my mom and dad so much these days

December 1...almost done with shopping, but when will I ever wrap?

December 1....fall colors are still strong and beautiful

December 1...I love Christmas lights in the cold and dark

December 1...supper moon on December 3, will be it's brightest and closest to the earth

December 1..our calendar is almost full, how did that happen?

December 1...the last month of 2017, let's make it kind

December 1...fall decorations put away, slowly the Christmas ones come out

December 1... families gather, friends gather, it is the happiest time of the year and for some the saddest time of the year

December 1...Jordan started his Advent Calendar today, it's filled with chocolates

December 1...Peace on Earth, always my hope, my wish, my prayer

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  1. Happy December. I hope you get snow. We still don't have snow here and it's rather warm for this time of year.
    Hugs, Julia