Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow Magic

Back in October, Jordan and Rick and I did a weather experiment with persimmon seeds.  Jordan's prediction using folk lore about the seeds...we would have a cold winter, with three snows.
Last night when we went to bed the local weather guys were warning everyone to the south and east of us to watch for snow.  They said we might get a light dusting.  We got three inches.  Two more snows to go and Jordan will be a professional.

I love snow.  I love the cold.  There is something about snowfall that changes the world, from darkness and anger to light and peace.  Snow is magic.  Samantha kept Jordan home from school today and I am so glad.  We have had an incredible day.  I wish our other nieces and nephews had brought their kids over to enjoy it with us.  We started the day with waffles and hot coco.

Before I went to bed last night, I set my intentions for today.  Again tonight, I will do a daily review and set my intentions for tomorrow.  Will keep you posted.

Spread kindness and joy tomorrow, don't be stingy with it.


  1. What a contrast, you live in the south and have snow and we don't. Our ground is bare. Jordan must be thrilled to have snow this morning. Enjoy...
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Snow at christmas must be wonderful. I have never had a christmas with snow and have never seen snow fall, but have seen a little snow on the ground in our highest mountains here in Australia in our winter in July/August. Our Christmas is almost always very hot 30-40C so we eat outside in the patio/garden. Enjoy your Christmas.