Thursday, December 28, 2017

Family Picture

A beautiful winter's day.  Rick's friends from Miami came by and spent the day with us as they continued their road trip north.  Brian's wife Linda and I have a great deal in common, so soon we were chatting away.  She had once lived in North Carolina and she talked about how  much our place reminded her of there.  We took them to eat at our favorite place in Jasper, The Black Rock Grill.

After stuffing ourselves we came back to the house and walked the dogs.  When we came to Rick's "thinking bench" down by the barn , we took pictures.  The late afternoon light was perfect.  And of course a couple of the dogs had to have their pictures taken.  Calliou is such a photo ham. Of course Hook was out in the woods digging, pictures are not important to him.

Tomorrow I will shop for groceries to get ready for the next visit with friends on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, Rick's family will have their Christmas gathering.  The season goes on forever.  I will be back at work on Monday.

My tea awaits me and once again so does my bed.  Good night, Sweet dreams.
Remember to be kind and share the joy.


  1. A great photo... everyone is wearing fur of some kind but your winter looks balmy as compare to our's We have to bundle up like esquimos to protect our kin from frostbites when we go outdoors.
    Can't believe it's Friday already.
    Stay warm and happy.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Such a nice family. And you know your little prodigal will be home in time for supper.