Thursday, December 21, 2017

Snow People

I am taking a few days off work next week, not going back to Jan.1  Usually I work all during the holidays, this is a first for me and I am so excited.  It's time to recharge my batteries.

Another bout of vertigo hit me around 2:00 this morning, really really bad.  I made it to work after lunch but I am still not at the top of my game.  By tomorrow all should be good.

I wanted to share a couple more pictures of my decorations, I promise no more after these. I just wanted you to see some of my snow people.
All the shopping is done, except for groceries and now it's time to bake and wrap.
I hope your Friday is merry and bright, and please be kind.  Tis the season you know.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, not again. I worry about you getting vertigo when you're driving. I hope you're right that it will all better by tomorrow.

    It's so much fun looking at other people's decorations. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the one in the last photo.

    For some reason this year, I've kept my decorating to a minimum. Unless I come up with a good dose of energy, it will stay that way for this yer only.

    I love decorating for Christmas when I'm less busy. This year has been absolutely crazy busy for me.

    The daylight is getting longer.
    Hugs, Julia