Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Classes today were based on the second Niyama, Santosha, contentment.  How do you find contentment, be here, now and practice gratitude.    Most of the students had spent eight hours today in therapy for trauma.  It is important after a day like that, they understand how much they need to express gratitude.

During breath work, the asanas and savasana I encouraged them to think of one thing to be grateful for and to be here now.

Teaching with this sinus stuff is tough, maybe by morning it will loosen its grip on me.

Tomorrow practice kindness and gratitude, there will be joy and contentment.

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  1. Contentment is a biggie...
    Like you I have a really bad cold that won't leave me. My head and lungs have been so stuffed up and it doesn't seem to want to leave me.

    It's raining today and the snow turned to slush with promise of sunshine tomorrow for the next three days.
    Hugs, Julia