Saturday, December 16, 2017

Favorite Traditions

I started the tradition with Samantha, this going out in the woods and looking for a scruffy little pine.  We brought it back to my house, found a flower pot that would hold it and decorated. We started the tradition of having a Charlie Brown tree.
That was many many years ago, Sam is 26 years old now and the mom of Jordan.

When Jordan was about 3 years old, it was time for him to carry on the tradition.  He and his mom came over this afternoon, ready to find his tree.  We live in a forest, it did not take long and soon Jordan and Rick chopped away.  Jordan carried the tree down the barn road, back to his house singing Oh Christmas Tree at the top of his lungs.

His grandfather bought him new lights, I got him some ornaments and he and his mom did the best Charlie Brown Tree ever.  This and baking Christmas cookies are my favorite traditions.


  1. Hugs for Jordan and hugs for you and Samantha and Rick. Christmas traditions.

  2. What a lovely tradition. I hope we'll get to see Jordan's tree decorated soon.
    Enjoy the season of Christmas.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. It is a great tradition with so many undertones as well as the oy of decorating the Charlie Brown tree. I'll bet it is gorgeous.