Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Difficult Roads

Coming home tonight the fog and the rain seemed to paint the road in mystery.  It is a narrow curvy country road that I travel to and from work.  There are long stretches of nothingness and then tiny groups of homes and an occasional small country church.  A small grass airstrip and small meat and three are on that road as well.  Tonight many who live in those modest homes had their Christmas decorations shinning in the darkness.  I love Christmas lights out in the country.  They are hung and flung with joy and happiness.  No method seems apparent, yet there is beauty in their lack of design.

Several of my students are leaving this week and next.  Going home to start their lives over.  Usually they are apprehensive and fearful, they should be.  The path they travel is difficult and some lose their way.  I send them out with hugs and love, always reminding them it is a tough road, but many have traveled it with success.

This time of year our population is low.  No one wants to be in rehab at Christmas, but come January the numbers go up.  Promises and vows are made and everyone wants to start the New Year clean and sober. 

Tomorrow I finish painting my cards.  Friday we start to decorate the house, and hopefully Sunday the tree comes in.  We shall see.  There is still some shopping to do and then the  wrapping begins.

Make someone's day tomorrow.  Be kind, be joyful, be loving.  We all travel difficult roads.

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