Sunday, November 12, 2017

Yellow Jacket

Getting stung on the leg by a yellow jacket was not on my calendar for today.  What did I know?
We were walking with Jordan and our other great-nephew Anthony when Hook found another nest.
Rick and I are trying to get the boys to safety, I am yelling run, and the next thing I know one of those little beasts has stung me.  Better me, than the kids, but my leg throbbed for over an hour.

I thought it had gotten cold enough to put those babies to sleep, but temps climbed to 60 degrees today and they came out of the hole.  And Hook probably dug around their nest too. We have never had a digger.  Hook loves to dig.  I figure at some point a tree will crash into our house because he has dug it up.

We practiced our show today, I am drained.  But, I was drained when I got up this morning.  Don't you hate it when you get up tired?

I hope your Monday is uneventful and the most stress you will experience is smiling too much.
Spread some kindness, there is a shortage.


  1. Poor Hook seems to have an affinity for yellow jackets. He finds them everywhere.

  2. We've had snow and really cold temps this past week and I found a wasp in the house! I hate those buggers! Hope your leg is better!