Friday, November 10, 2017

My Transformation Today

I love performing, I love playing guitar, writing songs and singing.  Sometimes I have meltdowns during practice.  I am my toughest critic, I know that.  But, here's the deal about our music...I never want anyone to say we are not good enough.  It's ok if someone doesn't like the type of music we do, if my voice grates on them like nails on a black board,  but it is important to me that we do our best.

Today was a long practice, and somewhat meltdown moment.  I had to remind myself to practice what I told my students yesterday, Ahimsa.   It means do no harm.  We harm ourselves in so many ways, with drugs, alcohol, too much food, too much stress, too little sleep, not enough water, too much caffeine, too much sugar,  too little rest, negative thoughts, hate and jealousy.

As we practiced our set today, and I was struggling with new guitar parts I started to mentally beat myself up. I grew angry with my lack of ability to play what I wanted to play.  I realized that I was doing harm to myself and Rick, because he thought I was angry with him.  The anger was towards me.  Here's what I had to remember, creativity comes from love, all good things come from love.
Once I settled down, and became kinder toward myself, the piece I was struggling with got better.

My transformation today; remembering to be kind to me, to treat myself the way I try to treat others.
This teacher is never too old to learn and I am grateful for that.  So tomorrow, be kind to others and be kind to yourself.


  1. What a great lesson to learn. Experience is the best teacher. Now you can teach from this experience.

    Enjoy your musical weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I think that is a lesson we can all use.