Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hope and Beauty

The saga continues.  Because our old heating/cooling system is ancient and is enclosed in a closet in our house things got complicated.  Also,  the closet housed our hot water heater.  So the new system will not fit in the closet with the water heater, the water heated had to be relocated.  Here's the deal, our house is small, 1200 square feet, every inch of space is allocated.  After a stressful night and morning we decided we could move the water heater into the pantry.  My brother and his son, who are plumbers extraordinaire spent their Sunday afternoon  helping us.

The heating/cooling guy will be here Tuesday or Wednesday to install the new system... I will keep you updated.  There have been tears and laughter at the Watson house the past 24 hours.

On a happy note, fall's beauty continues here.  Every day the colors just become more intense.
And there is hope of cooler temps this week, after storms come through the next couple of days.
Tomorrow may our week start with hope, peace and kindness.

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