Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Good Day

The last three chakras in our class today.  Throat Chakra, all about communication.  Speaking your thoughts, expressing your feelings, and listening.  Then we moved to the Third Eye.  Wisdom and intuition.  How many times have your trusted your heart, your gut?  or maybe you didn't and regretted it.  And then we came to the Crown Chakra.  Our connection to spirit, finding our higher power. Understanding that meditation gives the brain rest, much like sleep rests the body.  And realizing that prayer and meditation are not the same.  Prayer, we are talking, usually asking.  Meditation we sit in silence and breathe, ready to receive...answers, wisdom,  guidance, clarity and peace.

So that was my day today.  I am still dealing with the fatigue, I am beginning to think it might be some sort of bug or virus.  Tomorrow is hump day, a very early class for me.  Thursday evening is our gig at the art museum.  May we all know peace tomorrow, may we all know kindness. 


  1. Meditation is difficult at first. It takes time to separate outside fores that distract. Feel better and enjoy the art museum.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about meditation. I should make it a part of my busy routine.
    Hugs, Julia