Sunday, November 26, 2017

Busy Time

We drove over to a nearby Christmas tree farm today and got our living tree.  Usually we don't get our tree until mid-December but it seems our calendar is filling up fast.  So the tree we got today will sit in the front yard  for at least a couple of weeks.  Next weekend Saturday and Sunday are already on the calendar.  On Saturday we spend the afternoon with friends in Birmingham and on Saturday my siblings celebrate Christmas.  The next weekend Jordan has a swim meet in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama.  Wow, things are already spinning.

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving Day was all that we could ask for, family, friends and food.  Friday and Saturday and today have been productive yet rather restful days.

I brought home yoga blankets and mats from work.  They have all been washed and cleaned, ready for classes tomorrow. 

My cup of hot tea is waiting, tonight I am having red zinger.  No matter how busy and hectic your Monday is, don't forget to be kind.

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  1. I try to always be kind, and I know if I'm kind, it's good Karma and it will return to me a hundred fold.
    Hugs, Julia