Thursday, November 9, 2017

Open Heart

This was a week of transition for many of my students.  Several left for home and other continuations of treatment and then of course there were several new students.  These weeks of hello and goodbye are extremely draining. But that is the nature of what I do.  These past twelve years I have taught thousands.  I know some have died, others have relapsed, but then there are the ones who  are living their lives, the lives they were meant to live.  Change is painful and breaking old patterns is difficult but it can be done, is done and that is what gives me the energy and courage to continue to work.

Our classes were on the heart chakra today.  Compassion, kindness and love were the topics as we opened our hearts with movement and breath.

Tomorrow is Friday, lots of rehearsal time tomorrow for our gig next week.  Plans are to go hiking on Sunday with Sam and Jordan.  I hope your Friday is the start of the weekend you need.
Hug, spread kindness and share joy.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. Have a great Friday Jilda, I think you deserve a good time to let looseand sing your heart out.
    Hugs, Julia