Saturday, November 11, 2017


I always think of my dad on Veteran's Day.  Just a young farm boy from Hull, Alabama sent to battlefields in Germany and France as an Air Force Medic.  He never talked about the war, never mentioned it.  We never knew he was a decorated hero until after his death.  I went to the VA to see about getting help for my mom and the ladies at our local VA office told me about his medals.
His name was Jim but everyone called him Sharky.  He was loving and kind and honest and hardworking.  He died in 1991 and I miss him daily.  Thanks to all you Veterans tonight, for your service and sacrifice.


  1. I know how you must miss him. My father was so proud of being a veteran but he never spoke about the war either.

  2. I salute your dad. I think you bare his resemblance in some way.
    Hugs, Julia