Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We began classes on the yamas  ( morals) yesterday.  The first one, ahimsa, do no harm.   The second one today, satya, truthfulness.  I teach these classes as a way to help the recovery process.  For the first one, we focused on not harming one's self.  The obvious ways are with drugs and alcohol, but then we venture into more complicated ways of doing harm, especially to one's self.   We can harm ourselves with negative thoughts, anger, self-criticism, hate, jealousy.

With satya or truthfulness we  recognize how we create veils of self-deception or lying to ourselves.  With drugs and alcohol there is the thought in the user's mind that what they are doing is not harming anyone but themselves.  There's that veil of self-deception.    Often we lie to ourselves because of ego- issues.
We think we are not strong or that there is no way anyone can help us.

The students seem to really enjoy the classes, especially when they can understand the connection with yoga and how it can help them live a sober life.

My commute for the past couple of days has been difficult.  I travel on narrow winding country roads.
Last night there was a horrible accident just a few miles before home.  Three ambulances and rescue teams worked in the darkness.  Today on my way in to work, another horrible accident.  This time a truck flipped, more ambulances and rescue teams.  So unsettling, I hope all who were involved are ok, but things did not look good in either instance.

Ready for my cup of hot tea.  Tomorrow is my early class.  I love to see the sunrise.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Often the harm we do ourselves is worse than others can do. It is not easy to learn to think good thoughts about yourself. I like these lessons.

  2. These are good lessons to learn. I find the words a bit of a challenge to remember, like Yamas, satya.

    Please drive carefully on those windy country roads. I hope nobody lost their lives in these two accidents.
    Hugs, Julia