Friday, November 24, 2017

Daily Transformation

This morning we slept in...until 6:30.   I made a big Irish breakfast, we walked the dogs and as Rick loves to say, we laid low.  Our nephew Haven and his wife and son came by and Rick shot their family Christmas pictures and then we took a short nap.

This afternoon we made a run to the craft store and I bought paints.  While Rick watches the Auburn/Alabama game tomorrow I will paint Christmas cards. Can you believe November is almost gone?

Today was a transformation day.  A day of rest, of looking at our day planners for the next few weeks and reflecting on this past year.  All over coffee this morning.  The past few weeks our schedules had been on overload.  My body was screaming slow down.  There were moments we stopped for a few hours, but not many.  After this weekend, the madness will start again, but hopefully the bodies will be rested and spirits restored.

We all need transformation days.  The days when nothing big is taking place, calendars can be cleared, and silence can be experienced.  The most unexpected event today, hundreds of crows flying across our property this afternoon.  The sound was eerie, and the sight was straight out of the movie, The Birds.  Maybe this was their day of transformation as well.

Driving around this afternoon, many had already taken their fall decorations down and yards were transformed into Christmas fantasies.  I struggle with this whole Christmas before December thing.
If you are on the road this weekend, safe travels.  But, no matter where you go or what you do, remember to be kind.  Kindness is our daily transformation.

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  1. I know, November is almost gone and on Monday, I turn 71. I never thought I would reach this age but I'm so grateful I'm almost there. It happened so quick.

    My fall decorations are put away except a Welcome on the door and my Christmas decor is still in storage.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia