Friday, November 3, 2017

November Warmth

The full moon shines through the lace curtain on my window behind the computer screen.  It is a night that is way too warm for November.  Today has been warm and humid.  This is the beginning of our second tornado season.  Some years it skips us, but this warmth is scary.  You can almost hear Mother Nature whisper, " you will pay for this warmth."

Walking the dogs this morning fall color seems to have decided heat be damned.  The color is deceptive, you look at the trees and think oh I need a sweater and then you walk outside and think I will never buy another sweater again.

I hope this first weekend in November is a good one for all of us.  May we each feel another's kindness and don't forget to spread some joy.  About the picture tonight, I love the shades of red in the fall, they make me happy.


  1. Our November is also warm and humid. I don't really mind; I prefer it to cold and cloudy weather. In cold weather I get the nasty flu, and all kinds of joint pains.

    Anyway, the fact is we can't control the weather. We can sometimes decide to relocate to a region with a more suitable kind of weather. I know people who have relocated because of asthma attacks, and their condition has greatly improved. Others have relocated because of psoriasis; they used to go twice a year to the Dead Sea for solar treatment. As they advanced in age ,it was not enough, so they moved nearer to that region.

  2. What gorgeous colors in that photo. Our fall temperatures has been a bit warmer than usual and I don't mind it as I've been able to work in the gardens longer than usual. However the ground is getting cold but we've had a lot of sunny dry days. However right now the ground is ver wet making digging in the gardens a bit messy.

    Hugs, Julia