Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a Happy no-stress Thanksgiving.  I have learned to make lists and time-tables.
Cooking for a crowd is hard work, but no where near the stress it use to be.  But then again, holidays are not nearly as stressful as they once were.  For that I am thankful.  As one of my co-workers left yesterday, she looked very stressed, I thought oh no hard day.  But she was stressed about today...3 different family events to  Why do we make it so hard?

I always tell anyone who is invited to our house for a holiday meal if it is too stressful, if there are too many places/people to see, check us off the list.  I remember how miserable those times were.  Trying to please and  make everyone happy, and you end up miserable and resentful.    Holiday should be celebrations, not stressful situations.

I am sure there are many who are shopping this evening, or making plans for the AM tomorrow.
I may do a little tomorrow afternoon, but if not I know there will be plenty to choose from before December 25.  When did things change?  As a teenager I always asked for a little cash so I could go to the after Christmas sales and load up.  Christmas shopping was done the week or so before Christmas.  But of course, it was not the business it is now and we were not showered with gifts.

I am stuffed and tired and filled with gratitude tonight. I think about my parents and grandparents today, I miss them.  But I am grateful for all that they taught me and the love they so freely gave.
I know I am a lucky woman but I am always grateful.  Life is good.  Be kind tomorrow, smile and spread some joy.


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  1. The hardest part of Thanksgiving is the food. Not cooking but eating. I want turkey so I take a small piece. A little bit of mashed potatoes with turkey gravy. A taste of dressing. Some corn. Candied sweet potatoes. Cranberries are my favorite but still only a little bit. A dinner roll. It piles up on my plate even though I only took a bit here and there. Now I am miserable from eating too much. I didn't even have room for a piece of pie. Maybe tomorrow.