Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tough Tuesday

Back to work today.  Tuesdays students leave trauma or grief counseling and come to see me.  Rough days.  I make sure that Tuesday classes are nurturing and gentle.  Sometimes students become very emotional because of things that they have faced in trauma or grief.  They are also exhausted by the time they get to yoga class.  Relaxation was almost thirty minutes today.

Tuesdays drain me too.  It has been cold and rainy today, the forecast is the same for tomorrow.  Sunshine comes back on Thursday.  That will be a good thing.   Tomorrow is a busy day.
Early morning class, haircut and  then back to work tomorrow afternoon.  Making up for yesterday.

My cup of hot tea calls my name.  Bedtime is early tonight.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Be kind too all you meet tomorrow, be kind to yourself too.

1 comment:

  1. Jilda, I don't know how you do this. It must be so draining when you give out your energy to those who need it to make it through the hard time in their lives.
    Hugs, Julia