Friday, September 29, 2017


Jordan is still under the weather.  He is going back to the doc tomorrow.  The doc keeps saying allergies, but his cough is not any better.  Asthma and lung issues are rampant in our family, I hope that gene has not been passed to him.

Rick and I got Jordan to read to us today, from one of our books, The Rural Life by Verlyn Klinkenborg.   Jordan is nine years old,  as he read to us I sat there amazed that he was reading a book that some adults would have a hard time reading.  And then he told us what he had read.
I know that today's kids are so much smarter than I was.

It has been a nice normal Friday.  You know you need those normal days.  Days when the routine runs like clockwork and life is calm.  This was the day I needed today.

My hot tea awaits.  I wish you all a good night.  May life treat you kind tomorrow.

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  1. I hope Jordan feels better soon and I hope he doesn't have pneumonia.
    Hugs and prayers.