Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tired Teacher

I did the final nurse's seminar today.  The director of nursing gave me a glowing review.  She said the nurses had loved my class and that it was one of their favorite parts of the all day seminar.  I admit I was nervous.  It is always tough to teach your peers, you want them to understand what you do and appreciate it.  I am drained tonight.

Early class tomorrow.  As I looked out this evening I saw the new moon shinning so bright in the dusky sky.  Our days have been so beautiful, just wishing the heat would subside and the temps would be more seasonal.  It was so hot when I walked the dogs today they wanted back in the house after ten minutes.  I was ready to go back myself.

We finished up the chakra classes this afternoon.  We will spend Thursday's classes on breath work and then start the yamas and niyamas next week.   Today's class was about communication, wisdom and spirituality.   I know it seems as if I teach so much about yoga, but honestly  what I teach in a 12 week period is a drop in the bucket.

My hot tea is waiting.  Early morning class tomorrow, my bed is waiting.
Make Wednesday your day to be extra kind.

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  1. You must feel very satisfied to have gotten a glowing review for doing the nurse Seminar.
    Hope your days goes well again today.
    Hugs, Julia