Saturday, September 9, 2017

Busy Saturday

So now Irma is looking westward, the Gulf of Mexico is warm as bath water and who knows for sure where Irma will land.  So far we have rain and wind forecast for us.  We live in a unique place, we have tornadoes, hurricanes and also snow and ice and occasionally small earthquakes.  But, the past few days have been picture perfect early fall moments to be treasured.

I took a picture today of my favorite tree root.  It is a root of one our 100 year old oaks.  It is gnarly, covered in moss and has the most interesting holes.  Probably  strange to say this, but I could sit and contemplate that root for hours.  The textures and holes fascinate me.  Where do the holes go, what lives there, so many questions.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one. We have made sure the generator is working, all the yard equipment is covered and lawn furniture is stored.  We are ready for Irma too.
Sending thoughts to all in Irma's path, may you be safe.  May everyone have a peaceful Sunday.
Remember to be kind.


  1. Yes, interesting Holy tree roots...
    Please stay safe and out of harms way of Irma.
    Hugs & prayers.

  2. I can understand the fascination with the tree roots. I can sit on the bank of a river for hours just watching the water flow.

  3. Hope all will be good in your neck of the woods. Stay safe!