Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Interesting Day

FYI don't ever call the oral surgeon with a problem and think that you are going to see him for a looksie.  There had been an issue with the surgery site, I called yesterday and of course the doctor's office said come tomorrow, he will want to see you.

Rick was going to a campus about an hour north west of us, the surgeon's office is about an hour north east of us.  No problems I said, just going in to check it out.  Wrong.   I sat down in his chair, he looked at the assistant who was asking if I needed to be moved to one of the surgery areas, panic was in my eyes.  Dr. Clark ( who is awesome, by the way) assured me and the assistant that the problem could be taken care of without going to the surgery area.

There were shots, cuts, snips and a big wad of gauze in my mouth and in a little while I was out the door.  The people who saw me on my drive home must have had their doubts.  There I am, a wad of gauze the size of an egg sticking out of my mouth.  Tissues are in my hand as I am driving because of the numbness, and the drooling won't stop.  Interesting day.

But the moon is full and the sky has been blue and the temps tonight are in the 50's, life is ok.
Sending thoughts of safety and protection to our friends in the path of Irma.  The Farmer's Almanac had predicted an active  hurricane season, I am buying my 2018 issue soon.  Those guys are the weather gurus.

Spread love, kindness and joy to everyone you meet tomorrow.  According to our star gazing friends, this full moon brings an end to eclipse energy and ushers in powerful celestial energy shifts.
Hoping for good for everyone.


  1. And people wonder why I hate going to the dentist.

  2. Oh dear, I hope that everything will go well with your dental problem. The dentist's office is not my favorite place to visit. Speedy healing.
    Hugs, Julia