Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Go For A Drive

Early morning class, I love my staff students!  When your fellow employees come to your class, it makes your day.

Rick and I took most of the day off to spend some time with my sister.  Don't you love road trips, driving the back roads, seeing everyday beauty.  We visited a town south of Birmingham called Wetumpka, amazing old bridge, beautiful little town.

Sometimes just getting in the car and driving some place different for few hours gives the soul a good break.  Rick and I had both worked very hard the past few weeks.  We could have stayed home and worked around the farm, but we have done a great deal of that lately as well.  We needed different.
Some time to take a fresh look, to laugh, and not think about work for a few hours.
I highly recommend taking a drive when you feel the brain fog closing in.  Leaving your surroundings for just a little while helps, it changes your perspective.

My tea awaits.  Jordan will stay with me until I go to work tomorrow.  Allergies are really getting him down.  We need rain and cooler temps, but nothing in sight.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I agree, getting away for a few hours breaks the routine and it feels good. I remember years ago we used to go for a Sunday drive. Traffic was slower on Sunday as the stores were closed.

    Hugs to you and Jordan.