Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Full Moon Coming

Full moon tomorrow night.  Of course we did moon salutations in class today!  The temps are dropping here tonight, but all eyes and ears are on Irma.  Hoping for the best, but encouraging our coastal friends to prepare for the worst.

Early morning class then a visit to the oral surgeon for a check-up tomorrow.  My speech is still wonky because of the flipper I am wearing.  It's a fake tooth to get me by until the implant in January.
This has not been my most fun thing ever.

I am spent this evening.  My body is still fighting the lung infection so my energy is low.
Hump day tomorrow, be kind, spread joy, show some love.  If the skies permit, be sure and moon gaze tomorrow night, it should be a beauty.

1 comment:

  1. Irma sounds like a very angry hurricane. I hope people will be prepared and stay safe.

    I hope that you can get rid of that lung infection. It can wear a body down.
    Hugs, Julia