Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

The heat goes on.  I know that many of you are experiencing un-fall like temperatures.  I think our bodies are so confused.  The days are getting shorter, our bodies expect the temps to fall and they are struggling with the mixed message that  mother nature is sending.  We are going into one of driest (October) periods of the year, so we have the heat, ragweed and dust to deal with.  Not the best of times to be here in Alabama.

The weird thing, I am craving fall foods.  I cooked sweet potatoes, beets and Brussels sprouts today and an apple tart.  Go figure.  Not exactly 90 degree weather food.

This will be a busy week again.  I teach another nurse's seminar on Tuesday.  We are rehearsing daily getting ready for the Fayette Frog Level Festival in October.  It's our first time playing we want to be good.

This is the last week in September.  Continue to spread kindness and joy.  It is important that we as humans reach out to each other.  Whether we think we need each other or not, we do.  Our connection is vital for the human race to survive.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. It looks like you have having a lot of challenges weather wise in you part of the world too.
    It's hot and muggy again today here too.

    I love fall food at any time of the year.
    Stay cool .
    Hugs. Julia

  2. We are actually having a touch of fall here. Fall food is a favorited here too.

  3. We get Fall, then a few days later we get summer. Looks like for the next 10 days,it will be in the mid to H 90's. But that is Fall here in Northern California, until about November!