Monday, September 11, 2017

Irma Craft

Because the forecast for Irma was so uncertain, I cancelled my class for tonight and did not go to work today.  Thankfully, we have only had wind and rain and I must say it is chilly.  Temps have been in the 50's all day.  It is pouring rain and the wind is blowing, but so far all is well.

Usually if I am home I am doing all sorts of house stuff and often working on class material.  Today I chose to have a craft day.  I have not done crafts since early summer with Jordan.
I decided our door needed a new autumn wreath.   I had so much fun and only burned myself once with the glue gun.

For our friends in Florida I hope the floods subside soon and the power is restored as well.

Spread the love and kindness this week.  We all need a double dose.


  1. Nice job on that Autumn wreath. I hope the sunshine and calm weather has returned to your place.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. We had some high wind at times and a big pine tree limb down, leaves all over the yard and don't forget rain. We turn an electric heater on. Glad we were not in the path of Irma. Your Autumn Wreath is so pretty. Take care. Jean