Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

Some days drug and alcohol addiction makes more sense to me than some of the "normal" people around me.  Today has been one of those days when flight, not fight was in every cell of my body.
I think I must be way over due for a vacation, but I don't see one in my future. Tonight a migraine has claimed my brain, this too shall pass.

We did Jordan's Charlie Brown tree today, a bright spot in my day for certain.  It is the largest one we have ever cut down, but he loved it and insisted on dragging it over to his house.  The fresh smell of pine was intoxicating, the sticky sap on the hands was not.  The tree is probably 8 feet tall, and there are 300 lights on it.  Jordan was a happy boy.  We started this tradition with his mom and I am so glad we have continued.

The raisins, sugar and butter have simmered this evening on the stove and soon they will be part of an Irish fruitcake baking in the oven.  I don't make them every year, but comfort food has called to me the past few days. This cake is very comforting with a cup of hot tea.

The day warmed and the winds shifted, rain is moving in tonight.  I am so thankful that the drought, though not ended has definitely been broken.   We go Wednesday to dig our tree, by next weekend the Watson house will have a Christmas tree.

Two weeks until Christmas, how can that be? 2017 good or bad is knocking at our door.
Wishing all of you a week full of peace and joy.


  1. I hope you're feeling better today.
    I bet your tree will look spectacular.


  2. The tradition of the Charlie Brown tree is a nice one. I hope your migraine has eased.