Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snowmen, Walks and Yoga

For the past two days the dogs and I have walked in the rain.  Nothing like walking through the woods  when everything is golden and wet with a chilly wind in your face to make you feel alive.
Our world here in Alabama has just come alive since the rains began.

Only a couple of students today, sometime the schedules get so  busy there is no time for yoga and relaxation.  That is when life at the addiction center feels like real life back at home and you have to make choices, or go to your counselor and ask for help rescheduling your day.

I started decorating for the holidays this week.  Last spring, our neighbors brought us these delightful snowmen they painted.  Now  a part of our Christmas decorations but since they are snowmen they will hang out with us until winter is over.  Every time I look at them I smile, they are such charming gentlemen.  I start painting cards tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed that the vision I see in my head finds itself on paper.


  1. Your Christmas card looks lovely. Cute snowmen.

  2. What nice neighbors! They are very sweet snowmen and I also keep my snowmen up all Winter..or atleast until Valentines day!