Friday, December 9, 2016

Be Amazed

Struggling with Christmas card designs today...nothing that I have painted so far has hit the sweet spot.  Time to put down the brush and pencil, have dinner and sleep on it.  Sometimes the light of day shines on something I missed.

I think I might try decorating the house tomorrow and then see if the inspiration finds me.

It has been a beautiful Friday with blue skies  and crisp cold air.  We did a little more Christmas shopping today, Santa's list is almost complete.  And then soon, the wrapping begins.

Wishing all of you peace, the moon and night sky is dazzling tonight, take a look and be amazed.


  1. Fresh ideas will come with the new day. Peace...

  2. I mailed all the gifts that go far away today. I am late but they should still be in time for Christmas.