Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Night Musings

A cold and blustery day, but the weather guys say almost 70 by Christmas.   Hook has been very interested in the Christmas tree.  Yesterday, he walked under it, stuck his head up in the middle of the tree, not quite sure what to think of it.  Today, he has glitter all over his head from the ornaments hanging low.  He doesn't really bother anything, but he is so curious about that tree with lights that just appeared in front of his windows.

Rick is getting stronger and the benefits of all of this, he has lost 8 pounds.  I keep telling him he will be skinny by the time he can eat solid food again.

I hope your Tuesday is full of good surprises, lots of laughter and many hugs.


  1. Loosing weight instead of gaining is always a good gift to oneself around Christmas. I bet Rick will put it back on once he can eat solid food again. Pets's reactions to Christmas trees is always interesting to watch
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Glad Rick is healing and hopefully he'll be really able to celebrate with food soon! Winter is here in our corner of the world and although it won't be 70 they are calling for 40's on Christmas day...that's like being 70de after the deep freeze of this past weekend! Enjoy your day Jilda!