Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Soup

So our morning was spent at the oral surgery clinic, Rick had some pretty extensive work, but all is well this evening.  He is a trooper.  So glad this is over.  I know he is too.  Soft foods until December 29 and then, well we will see what the doctor says.  Looks like soup for Christmas, good thing we both like soup.  :)

Most of my cards are painted, Jordan is coming over in the morning so he will help me decorate the tree and if Rick is ok, I will work tomorrow afternoon.

It is cold tonight, but nothing like our family and friends north and west of us are dealing with.
I heard someone say that this weekend, the Chicago Bears football game will be the coldest in history.  Wow.  The weather just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  Nineteen degrees here tonight and by Saturday, almost 70.  Ugh.

It is about to be a very early bedtime at the Watson house tonight.  We are both tired and sleepy.
Wishing you a warm and cozy bed and the sweetest of dreams.

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  1. Soup sounds good especially on a day like today. It's so cold and windy here. I had to really bundle up for my walk to the farm this morning. Brrr.
    Speedy recovery to Rick.