Wednesday, December 28, 2016


For the entertainment industry this has to be the most devastating year ever...for those of us who love to be entertained it has been heart-breaking.

This has been a year that will be remembered for its loss for so many.  I have friends whose children have died this year.  I have grieved for the division that has taken place in my country this year.

There has been so much loss on so many levels.  Rick and I met friends for lunch today and driving home, all we could notice were all the trees that had died because of the drought...and then we talked of all the wild life we have lost because of the forest fires.

Life truly is made of ups and downs,  of loss and abundance, of sadness and joy.  My hopes for, kindness and love...may we all be blessed...may we all remember to be grateful, even when times are filled with loss.


  1. I hope for a year of birth and renewal. Peace would be nice.

  2. I second what you said... It is a time of changes. Wishing you a year of renewal, peace and love.

  3. I do hope everyone will look at themselves this coming year and decide to do something good in their communities. Be more kind, more giving and more tolerant. I pray for our country and will continue to have hope for the future. Only we as individuals can make a difference. Hugs to you and Rick and wishing you a happy new year too!